So, You’re Putting Your House On The Market…
We Can Help!


Staging your home is the MOST effective way to appeal to the largest pool of potential buyers.


“When it comes to selling, you have to catch buyers’ attention within a minute. THAT’S how long it takes for them to form an opinion about your home. Effective staging will help you sell not just a house, but an appealing lifestyleBy creating the illusion of space, drawing attention to the home’s best features, and eliminating distractions you can evoke that emotional connection that SELLS homes.”

“Yeah, but is it necessary to hire someone?”

One word . . . YES!

Almost 90% of home sales come through internet searches so if your home isn’t showing its best, buyers will lose interest. That’s why there are specific techniques and tricks that we use to achieve an appealing space that sets your house apart from the competition. Professional staging sells homes 50% faster and helps reduce the likelihood of buyers using issues for costly price reductions.

But What About The Cost? 

What do most people do when their house doesn’t sell as quickly as they had hoped?
They drop the price . . . by tens of thousands of dollars!

Just ONE price reduction is far more costly than staging your home on the front end.

Consider the expenses you’ll incur each month that your house doesn’t sell. Just one additional mortgage payment will far exceed the cost of staging. 


Home Staging Consultation: $300  Includes a 90 minute walk-through of your home compiling a DIY punch list for homeowners to tackle. This list may include general repairs, curb appeal, needed upgrades, color palette, lighting, furniture arrangement, eliminating distractions, showcasing the home’s best features, and maximizing the space & function of your home.

Occupied Home Staging services:  $350/2 hr   $650/half day   $1100/full day

* Payment is due upon completion of services.




Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make. The question isn’t, “Will you stage your home?” but rather, “When would you like to get started?

Our goal is to Give you a hassle-free selling experience, and make it EASY for buyers to imagine themselves living in YOUR home.

So, contact me HERE and let’s get started.