Whether you are looking for a color or style consultation, move-in design services, interior styling, or a total room transformation, Gracious Spaces offers its clients a fresh, on-trend decorating perspective.

Our mission:

To give you a functional and beautiful space that reflects all the things you love about home.

We will use a customized combination of any of the following services to help you achieve a look you’ll love for your home:

Consultations: Many clients choose to begin with a consultation. The two basic types of consultations are:

  •  Color Consultation: Discussing on-trend color options from custom color boards that I will bring to evaluate in your own lighting so that we create continuity throughout your home.
  • Style Consultation: We discuss your style preferences and how to create a warm, intimate space. We will also discuss furniture arrangement, color, scale, symmetry, flow, and functionality. Once we have an idea of what you’re looking for, I will work to give your home a fresh, on-trend appeal.

Declutter : Removing items that are no longer important or beautiful to you. Bring order to your space lending a more peaceful, productive atmosphere.

Repurpose : “Shop” your home for specific furnishings that enhance the space.

Rearrange : Create better flow & conversation areas through thoughtful furniture arrangement

Accessorize: Styling accessories & layering elements creating an inviting, cohesive space that is uniquely YOU.

Shopping : I take the stress out of the shopping process by shopping for you! I’ll find just the right pieces that will  give a warm, polished look to your space.

I listen closely as we make a plan for your project. We’ll create a space that is timeless, cozy, and reflects your story.

Plan a day away with friends as I work quickly and efficiently to pull a cohesive and inspiring design together for your space.

So, contact me HERE and let’s get started on telling YOUR home’s story.