Interior Styling

We arrange furniture and accessories to maximize beauty, flow, and functionality while adding classic on-trend styling to your space!

Our mission is to offer clients a fresh decorating perspective whether it’s through our home/color consultation, home restyling, staging consultation/services or a whole new look with personal shopping and interior styling. Your home should be a reflection of all the things you love about home!

Not sure what you’d like to do first?

There are many reasons you might want to have some help refreshing or redecorating your home.  Where to begin just depends on your situation and goals. Here are some scenarios of past clients:

  • Frustrated with current look and don’t have time to do planning and shopping myself
  • Hosting a large gathering and want the main areas of my home to look great
  • Christmas decorating with your existing items
  • Needing a fresh set of eyes to implement changes
  • We can start wherever you are and prioritize what is most pressing to you. We’ll put my styling process to work and create a beautiful, welcoming space for you and your guests.

We offer the following services for this project type (as usual you may mix & match any services to be just what you need):

  • Home Consultation  $150/1 hr  + $50/add’l half hr
  • Color Consultation (w/ custom color boards)  $150/1 hr + $50/add’l half hr
  • Restyling (“shopping” your own home)  $250/2 hr  $450/half day
  • Interior Styling  (styling new items w/ existing)  $275/2 hr  $500/half day
  • Personal Shopping  $85/hr 

*Payment is due upon completion of services.

Each service is explained in detail here, for your convenience.

Plan a day away with friends as I work quickly and efficiently to pull a cohesive and inspiring design together for your space.

So, contact me HERE and let’s get started on telling YOUR home’s story.