Occupied Home Staging

Staging your home is the most effective way to appeal to the largest number of buyers in the market. You want to make it as easy as possible for potential buyers to imagine themselves living in your space. By creating the illusion of space, drawing attention to the home’s best features, and eliminating distractions you can evoke that emotional connection that sells homes. Gracious Spaces will create an updated, classic palette that sells an appealing “lifestyle” to buyers.

Just one price reduction is far more costly than staging your home on the front end. The cost of staging is minimal compared to ongoing house payments and monthly carrying costs of an unsold property.  GS works with homeowners to help them achieve an appealing space that sets them apart from the competition through effective home staging techniques. Contact me today for your home staging needs.

Home staging services:

  • Staging Consultation: $150 (up to 90 mins) – Walk-through home evaluation with detailed suggestions that homeowners may facilitate including color, furniture arrangement, home repairs, showcasing features, and removing personal items that will distract buyers.
  • Occupied Home Staging: 2 hr/$325 (with assistant) – Fast paced, efficient home staging that creates a neutral, appealing palette through rearranging existing furniture & accessories while eliminating distractions
  • Half Day Staging: 4 hr/$625 (with assistant) – More thorough, targeted home staging that showcases your home’s best features and extends into every room of the house
  •  Full Day Staging 8 hr/$1150 (with assistant & custom shopping if needed) – Two half days or 1 full day of complete home staging to give your home a polished, turn-key appeal above the competition.
  • Additional Home Staging: $150/hr (with assistant)

Serving Brentwood/Franklin/Nolensville  TN area

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